Mr. Fish doesn't fit in any box, much less a box designed to describe him, so if you want to know more about this amazing artist, its time to check out the film trailer.

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Booth is a punk rock artist, a man who still has the vibrant sock-it-to-the-man energy of a rebellious teenager – but he’s also a middle-aged, married father of two with bills to pay and commitments to keep. Bryant’s film looks at how he tries to juggle these battling personas, something which isn’t easy when he has few people willing to buy his controversial work.

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THEYYSCENE.COM | Pablo Bryant’s brilliant doc Mr. Fish

It takes true talent to make someone root for an asshole.

Well, not necessarily an asshole, per se, but an unabashed, unapologetic, uncompromising and brilliant human being, who doesn’t want or need your acceptance or understanding to live his life, think the thoughts he does or express himself in an unfiltered way.

So. An artist.

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By using animated sequences along with static images, Bryant highlights Booth’s unique way of understanding the world. In these tumultuous time, Booth thinks “there’s still so much work to do, who’s gonna do it?…I will… I want to create art that makes people think about their humanity.”

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