Mr. Fish doesn't fit in any box, much less a box designed to describe him, so if you want to know more about this amazing artist, its time to check out the film trailer.

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"Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End" Documentary New York Showtimes, and Review -Dannie <3's!

Hola Dannie aqui!

Received a copy of "Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End" and I have to say WOW! It is everything I live for in an art documentary, and the subject matter of provocative artist Mr. Fish (a.k.a. Dwayne Booth) is right up my alley! I was so incredibly delighted that at only a couple seconds into the film it caught my heart and interest immediately.

                                        This is the story of a true noncomformist, that would never even conform to that label.

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